The Audacity of Hope....

Yes....I am a final year student now.Our result was declared a month ago and I passed with good grades,not only good but in fact the highest that I ever got in all these three years of engineering.But they matter the least to me.Because they weren't there when I really needed them.The whole story goes like this..

           In our final year of engineering ,we are required to do a project that is sponsored by a company i.e they are company projects.The companies held tests to select students for projects.As soon as our end-sem got over,NVIDIA was scheduled to come the following week for selection test.The eligibility criteria was g.p.a 8.0 and above."Damn it!!!What the hell??",I exclaimed.I was just 0.02 short of 8.00.Mine was 7.98 then.Then came DELCAM.Again the criteria was 8.00.!I felt like being one of the most unfortunate ppl on earth.

           And after all these ,the most awaited thing came.Results!!They came but the harm had already been done!!My g.p.a now had augmented to 8.09 but I had missed two important companies."Cool,now I will be allowed to appear for all the companies !!",I mused.But when Binary Mantra came.I fell ill.Then there were rumours that Symantec would be coming the next week.I patiently waited .But when there were no signs of Symantec ,I packed my bags and set off to my home for my cousin sis's wedding.That was inevitable.I could not miss it.

           Then when I had just returned home from the wedding,I learnt that Symantec was going to conduct a test the next day.This gave me a coup de grace,a deathblow.So,in this way, I could not make it for Symantec .

           Now,I completely relied on TCS which was gonna conduct a test on 20th june.I reached Pune on 19th june and started preparing for the test.I thought I better grab this opportunity or I will be in real mess.But even this time ,I didnt succeed.I dont know what went wrong.Now I feel like being "misfortune's chosen one",like "ill-fate's favourite child".And what adds to the lament is watching people around you getting projects and discussing work and you are in total despair. By this time ,lot of people have gotten projects in companies and some have even started their work.

           But I still HOPE that I wont be left empty handed.I still HOPE that even I wud get a company.I still HOPE,that there would be bliss after this period of dismay.I still HOPE that this trauma would be over and I would be on cloud nine one day.Yes, I do HOPE.

           And such is the POWER of HOPE and its audacity that it drives in optimism in your life.It is HOPE and ultimately optimism that makes you believe in your self and hikes you up to face the challenges that are awaiting!!!!!

May HOPE be with you.......

The Bus incident...

     This incident took place when I was travelling back home from Akola to Buldhana(my hometown) after having attended my cousin sister's wedding.There is nothing very special about this incident except for the fact that it narrates how cheap and selfish some people can be.

     So,I was in the bus...When I boarded the bus,there were only a few people in the bus.But as it approached Buldhana,it got packed with people.(I still dont understand,why does the govt. not impose any restriction on the number of people that can be stuffed in a bus.And even if there is any such restriction,why dont the authorities or the bus conductor care to implement this?It gets quite messy and suffocating when buses are stuffed.)Well.....So,I was just one stop short of my destination..plenty of people were standing.

     At this stop ,one very old man boarded the bus.He was so old that the bus conductor had to help him board the bus.He even suggested him that he better take another bus coz this one was too jampacked and crammed.But the old man insisted...I saw him showing his pass to conductor.I was going to disembark at the next stop.I could not see the old man standing.Seeing his condition,I decided to give my place to that old man.So,I vacated my place and called the old man. "Aajoba, basa(old man ,have a seat)" ,I said to him rising from my seat.But before that old man could come and sit there ,a much younger man in his 30's had occupied my seat.That son of a bitch had seen me calling that old man but still he didnt care... That scoundrel gave me a nasty look that made me feel like that I was being mocked by him.Even that old man gave me a very pathetic look .I tried to protest and argue with that bloody S.O.B but I soon realised that the conductor was asking me to get down the bus,the stop I was to get down had come.No one amongst who saw this bothered to ask the man to get up and let the old man have that seat.

      I got down with a heavy heart and a helpless look from that old man that haunted me for quite some time.So,the next time you are in a bus n you wanna help someone by giving him/her your seat,just make sure some S.O.B isnt eyeing that seat...