Previous post ...revisited..

Hiya...I just forgot to introduce my team in the pic in the previous post-a mistake on my part-my sincere apologies..

  Anyways...from left to right in the pic we have..the always energetic VINIT,the ever charming SAYALI,then there is me followed by the man who needs no introduction(:-)),the very endearing and always supportive SHYAMA(our dance section head)...the very funny RONAK and finally the always smiling,MADHURI

  Hey..I also forgot to mention our achievements-- 3rd prize for choreography and 2nd prize for group dance.

A brief encounter with the maestro,Shankar Mahadevan.....

       Yes...I was amongst the few priviledged ones who got to be at an arm's distance from the maestro,Shankar Mahadevan.The affair--Firodiya prize distribution ceremony and venue--the always crowded..Yashwantrao Chavan Auditorium.COEP was on a roll that day.Having won two elite Karandaks (Purushottam and Firodiya) in the very same year after a longing gap of 31 years(this feat was achieved by COEP itself 31 years ago),every COEPian present there had a reason to show off and every single person from other college had a reason to envy us.

       Boys clad in white kurta dhoti and pheta...and girls clad in navwari...took Yashwantra natyagruha by storm that day.Waving flags and the noise of Dhol .taashas and slogans of "Aawaaz kunacha .....COEP cha" added to the already established "maazzzz" of COEP.

       Prior to this the atmosphere was built up by Shankar Mahadevan who sang Mitwa and Man Udhan waryache..and took the audience in his awe.Watching him live was a treat to eyes and to hear him was a celestial feeling. I always wondered what was it about a celebrity that everybody goes ga-ga in their presence .It was that day that I realised that its an aura that they carry with them that enchants people.When we walked up to the stage to recieve the 2nd pirze for group dance in firodiya(in the pic)...I could feel that aura was a distinct feeling.

       That evening was special in its own way coz my mom and dad along with tai,jiju and my neice and nephew had come over to watch the performance for the first time.It was an evening that cannot be forgotten....!!!!