A short story...

"More money,huh??I gave you more than enough money on your bday to party with your friends, not to mention the new Iphone that I and your Mom gifted you",His dad said with the same composure that he had shown throughout his life.
There was only one thing that perturbed this rich businessman,his son.His reckless attitude towards life, his lack of reverence for the things around and his unmannered behaviour worried him more than anything else.

   "Dad,for God's sake,the exams just got over,I need some more money",He said with all the desperation he could.

  "Son,I am not letting you squander my money this way",his Dad was adamant and determined not to give in this time to his son's demands.

  "Dad...please",he pleaded several times,his frustration growing with every denial.

 "I am sorry,son...not this time."

He gave up and stomped away.The moment his father heard the roaring of the car engine,he shouted ,"drive safe and come back soon."
Whenver frustrated he used to vent his frustration by racing the car with great speed.

He was on a bridge now.He saw the warning sign but was too occupied with thoughts to notice and slow down.
"Where am I gonna get the money from ??",no answer...helplessness...speed 70 mph.

"He does not want me to be happy.Why else would he deny me the money??" no answer...anger..speed 90 mph

"I will borrow from a friend.Oh shit..I lost the bet last time and I already owe him 3000 bucks...damn it"...frustration..speed 110 mph.

"Oh..fuck!!" He said as he saw that his car was about to hit a man.He tried with all his might,to brake.The car skidded but it was too late.The car had hit the man hard and had run over him. He lost control over the car.And the next moment,the car was falling off the bridge.....

30 minutes ago... and just a kilometer away in some other house by the lane..

"Mom,the saree looks good on you.."He said.

"Why did you have to spend so much money on saree??And the watch that you brought for your bhai also looks very expensive."

"Mom,common,what else do you think I 'd do with my first salary??"

His mother and his brother who had brought him up after their father's death meant the world to him.All the hardships they had gone through just flashed in front of his eyes for a second.

He savoured the food..washed his hands and checked his cell.There was a msg from his friend asking him to come to his place urgently.

He told his Mom that he would be a little late and set off.He never took the route via bridge but today he did.He needed solitude for some time and he knew the bridge would be deserted .

As he walked on the bridge,he retrospected upon his life ,about his year long struggle for employment after graduation.he liked a girl since his college days .he thought of how he is going to break the news to his family.And he thought about how....."Oh...fuck!!"the words hit his ears .A car with ferocious speed hit him from behind and had run over him and he was on the ground wallowing in blood moaning in pain.His pain was becoming unbearable and his eyes were about to shut and the last sight that he saw....

the car was falling off the bridge.

Courtesy::Vantage Point,the movie!!