I wanna be a .....

    I wanted to be an Air force officer.I wanted to fly in the skies,son the pilotwear,put on the aviator,hold the helmet in the cusp of my arm and salute from the cockpit while the jet takes off.I had even started asking people about how to get there.Yeah,but,this was when I was in the fifth grade.

   I also remembered me wanting to be an astronaut(courtesy:Captain Vyom).I thought being an astronaut meant kicking asses of ugly looking ,creepy creatures,getting to drive a spacecraft and use the laser gun.

    Later ,when I grew up a little ,I heard stories about the S.P of my hometown beating the daylights out of criminals,I realized that I wanted to do the same and decided to join the IPS.Yeah , but this was before Hrithik made his debut and Sachin was enthroned the status of God.

   Right from a bus conductor to an actor,a truck driver to a cricketer,as a teen ,I have dreamed of being everything.And now ,when I am 22 with a bachelors in I.T, things havent pretty changed much except that now my "I-wanna-be-a" desires are quite plausible.They say one should do what one likes to do.But what if one is not sure what exactly one likes?what if one likes to do one thing as much as he likes to do another?

   Sometimes,I feel lost amongst a myriad of desires.I wish that when the genuine "what-I-want-to-be" strikes me ,it strikes as a lightning bolt.Because,it has struck me before and then the feeling has faded away.To all those people ,if at all there are any,who haven't yet figured out what are you inclined to do,I just wanna say,you are not alone!!

FDI in Indian retail :The pros and cons

    One thing that has been doing the rounds the past few days on the news is about Government allowing Foreign Direct Investment in retailing sector and the political storm it has sparked in the opposition parties.So what is the hoopla all about?

The decision:
   After a decade long debate , the Govt has allowed the foreign retailers to hold upto 51% stakes in multibrand retail and has raised the investment in single-brand from 51% to 100%

What does that mean??
   Lets put is this way. 10 years ago a wealthy foreigner saw India as a booming market for investment in retail shop for his brand "X". But he was allowed to hold only 51% stake in the retail shop.He had to partner up with an Indian for the remaining.5 years after that ,he thought that now that his retail shop for brand X is doing well,why not team up with his other friends with brands "Y" and "Z" and open a multi-brand retail store.But the Indian FDI policy didn't allow him to do that.
    But now,after the govt's move to encourage FDI in retail , he can hold 100% stake in his retail shop for brand "X". Not only that he can also go ahead with his idea of a multi-brand store with at max 51% stakes.

The restrictive clauses:
1.)Companies can open up the stores only in towns with population more than 1 milion.
2.)At least 50% investment has to be in back-end infrastructure like storages and warehouses.

What do these clauses mean?
- By means of the first clause , the companies will be allowed to target only those consumers who are already into "mall shopping culture" in urban cities . The small retailers in the towns with population less than a million will be kept
at bay from suffering.

- India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables . But lack of storage facilities , lack of adequate post harvest steps and cold chain infrastructure causes heavy losses to farmers . By the second restrictive clause,the government aims at trying to bring a world class back-end infrastructure which would reduce the losses.

The pros:

  1. Consumers can get quality goods at a cheaper price.

  2. Inflow of foriegn investment and hence growth opportunities.

  3. It would fuel competition in local retail markets to survive . Healthy competition would mean improved quality and is in customer's benefit.

  4. Increased labour force in back-end infrastructure services.

  5. Increased employment in the front-end services

  6. Prosperity of the small and medium scale enterprises as the retailers have been told to source 30 % of their requirement from small and medium enterprises.

  7. Increased export as the retailers would want to export local goods to their outlets outside country

  8. The retailers can resort to contract farming programmes along with measures like direct buying from the farmers which will dilute the role of profit siphoning intermediaries.This can enhance the income of the farmers and give them direct access to markets.

The cons:

  1. Huge losses to unorganized retailing in the urban areas

  2. In order to create monopoly ,the markets would resort to selling the goods at a very low price.
    This would continue till the competition is eliminated.(predatory pricing)

  3. Increase in real estate prices

  4. Add to the already increasing muddle in the urban areas


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Reviews and opinions, please??


   "3 balls to go,3 runs to win and 2 wickets remaining!!" Does it not seem like the perfect script for a climax of a one-day or a 20-20 match.But the cricketing world witnessed this plot today on the final day of the final test match between W.I and India. The match which at one point seemed to close in India's favour went on to become a thriller of a game finally ending in a draw . Given the comfortable position that India was once at while chasing a total of 242,we must say,the windies snatched a draw from the Indians.

     This match, on the 3rd day was predicted to end in a draw.Darren Bravo even went on to say that if this match has a result he would tattoo Dhoni's face on his back.This has probably been only the second time that a Test has been drawn with scores level.( Bulawayo-test between Zimbabwe and England being the first one).The last 30 minutes of the game were a spectacular display of the batsmen and the bowlers outwitting each other every alternate ball.

  The windies seemed contented having deprived India a whitewash and the Indians had to sing their victory song with a choked voice.Whatever,like Ravi Shastri put it, the final session of the match was a great Advert for the game!!

God must have spent a lil more time on you...

I keep wondering everytime I think of you,
Celestial or real,what really are you?
Everything about you forces me to question,
Did God spend a little more time on you??

Your eyes twinkle like the early morning dew,
You give the beings around ,a reason to live,
I bet,you gave the color its hue,
coz God really spent a little more time on you!!

With your scowl arrives autumn,your mirth invites blossom
The rainbow reminds me of a smiling you,
You tucking the wisp of hair is a sight to a priviledged few,
Yes,God must have really spent a lil' more time on you.

I lost myself when I mused about you,
Fell for your eyes and the enigma grew.
A mere glimpse of you convinces me that its true,
God certainly has spent a lil' more time on you...!!!

Courtesy:-God must have spent...The song by Nsync

A short story...

"More money,huh??I gave you more than enough money on your bday to party with your friends, not to mention the new Iphone that I and your Mom gifted you",His dad said with the same composure that he had shown throughout his life.
There was only one thing that perturbed this rich businessman,his son.His reckless attitude towards life, his lack of reverence for the things around and his unmannered behaviour worried him more than anything else.

   "Dad,for God's sake,the exams just got over,I need some more money",He said with all the desperation he could.

  "Son,I am not letting you squander my money this way",his Dad was adamant and determined not to give in this time to his son's demands.

  "Dad...please",he pleaded several times,his frustration growing with every denial.

 "I am sorry,son...not this time."

He gave up and stomped away.The moment his father heard the roaring of the car engine,he shouted ,"drive safe and come back soon."
Whenver frustrated he used to vent his frustration by racing the car with great speed.

He was on a bridge now.He saw the warning sign but was too occupied with thoughts to notice and slow down.
"Where am I gonna get the money from ??",no answer...helplessness...speed 70 mph.

"He does not want me to be happy.Why else would he deny me the money??" no answer...anger..speed 90 mph

"I will borrow from a friend.Oh shit..I lost the bet last time and I already owe him 3000 bucks...damn it"...frustration..speed 110 mph.

"Oh..fuck!!" He said as he saw that his car was about to hit a man.He tried with all his might,to brake.The car skidded but it was too late.The car had hit the man hard and had run over him. He lost control over the car.And the next moment,the car was falling off the bridge.....

30 minutes ago... and just a kilometer away in some other house by the lane..

"Mom,the saree looks good on you.."He said.

"Why did you have to spend so much money on saree??And the watch that you brought for your bhai also looks very expensive."

"Mom,common,what else do you think I 'd do with my first salary??"

His mother and his brother who had brought him up after their father's death meant the world to him.All the hardships they had gone through just flashed in front of his eyes for a second.

He savoured the food..washed his hands and checked his cell.There was a msg from his friend asking him to come to his place urgently.

He told his Mom that he would be a little late and set off.He never took the route via bridge but today he did.He needed solitude for some time and he knew the bridge would be deserted .

As he walked on the bridge,he retrospected upon his life ,about his year long struggle for employment after graduation.he liked a girl since his college days .he thought of how he is going to break the news to his family.And he thought about how....."Oh...fuck!!"the words hit his ears .A car with ferocious speed hit him from behind and had run over him and he was on the ground wallowing in blood moaning in pain.His pain was becoming unbearable and his eyes were about to shut and the last sight that he saw....

the car was falling off the bridge.

Courtesy::Vantage Point,the movie!!