A new boy in the town....

Three years ago there was a new boy in the town,
Far away from home & just 17 down!!

Struggles and Failures ,he had never seen,
Broken and Alone,he had never been!!

Mom's immaculate love & Dad's soothing touch,
Time & again,he missed them so much!!

Acquaintances he gained,new chums he made,
Happiness ushered in and lonliness did fade!!

Conquering new horizons,pinnacles he did reach,
Glad he was,he had finally carved a niche.

So high was his stride,even the heavens would bow,
What lay in the future,he could never now!!

He misbelieved that his fortune was such,
that he was the Man with Midas touch!!

Then there was a fall & down came the castle,
His life took a backseat,he could no more hustle!!

Though he put his heart & soul,he got nothing alas,
It then dawned on him that he wasnt Midas!!

Came to his rescue,a self imposed exile,
He learnt to be modest & fight the vile!!

He still wants to conquer horizons & does not put on airs,
He values relationships & about friends he cares!!

Years have passed,he is no more new in town,
Grown with some experiences,he is now 20 down!!

Pics worth having a look at!!!

    Some days ago ,an IT expo had been set up at our College Playground.Our College Playground is mostly used for such kind of expos.Computer peripharals are available at cheaper rates at such expos. I along with my bunch of friends decided to check it out.

   When we entered the expo ,we also noticed a photo exhibition being set up aside by Sakaal group.After kinda exploring the expo,we reluctantly went to the photo exhibition.But the pics put up there were so astonishing and captivating that I borrowed Karan's phone and snapped some interesting pics there.(Ohh,I just remembered getting a good camera having a good megapixel quality goes on my wish list).

   Here are some of the pics...To view more such interesting ones visit http://picasaweb.google.com/akshay160489/Exhibition#.and click on SLIDESHOW on upper left corner.

This one is my favourite....

VIEW MORE....http://picasaweb.google.com/akshay160489/Exhibition#

My failed maiden attempt at poetry....:-(

      Hurray...!!Done with theory exams....I have been dying to tell you people about my first poem that I had penned down some days ago.

   This poem, being my maiden attempt (though an unsuccessful one..:-( )at poetry,is very special.And so I didnt want to type it.I wanted it to be unfeigned.So I came up with a whim.I decided to write it down ,scan it and provide here the image (below).

      Okay boys...though this image can be copied to your computer ...I would advise you not to do so...because that would tempt you guys to want to use it to woo your girl..and ultimate result would be you getting slapped for boring her by reciting such a stupid poem with a very stupid 'a-a-b-b' rhyme scheme.If you guys want a better poem, its here (www.priti-thoughtsunleashed.blogspot.com/You) on Priti di's blog.
By the way,here is mine....(click on the image to enlarge it its unreadable)


->I would like to thank Moin ...for lending me his very special pen used for calligraphy.
->I am grateful to Priti di.It was her poem 'YOU' that motivated me to try my hand at poetry.
->I must not forget my buddies Ruturaj ,Prasad and Vaibhav and once again Moin who were the very first attenders to this poem.

   Thank you folks for reading..and people... paying comments is free of charge.hehe:-)

My Childhood fantasy comes true...

     We all ,as kids in kindergarten,must have had a lot of thrilling fantasies about growing up to become a pilot,an armyman,a detective or be a superhero and save lives or be a cop and nab the bad guys...(Ppl..I ll let a secret out...I fantasize all these things even now. :-) )

    Well frenz..I got a chance to kinda live one of my childhood fantasies this sunday.We,Pankhudi volunteers,had planned to celebrate the Children's Day on 15th Nov(We couldnt do it on 14th!!).There was a dance,some sermons and a Mime.The Mime was a story of three theives.In the mime,I got to play the COP,who eventually nabs those three thieves .I had always dreamt of being a COP.Thanks to the mime ,I got to live my dream.Though it was just around 30 sec appearance ,I enjoyed doing it.And yes ..the kids enjoyed the mime too,and that was the most important thing.

     All n all ..the event was great.Trust me people...it really feels great to see those innocent smiles all around on kids faces.The kids were at there best when they danced.The ambience was inundated with mirth and I was overwhelmed.

         By the way here is the pic of "The COP".

Happiness and Sorrow:Two faces of the same coin

    Last night ,I and Prasad(Prasad ,a very close friend) were at Vaibhav's place..(Vaibhav..,another very close friend and a fanstastic actor apart from being a COEP heartthrob) having some quality time chatting.We were talking about different things and suddenly the discussion veered to a talk about "Joys and sorrows","Happiness and dismay".

      Thats when Vaibhav cited an example about how joy and sorrow are interwoven.He took a coin and asked Prasad and me to make a call.I chose "heads" and Prasad chose "tails".He tossed the coin in the air.He then caught it in his hand.It was "Heads".So he said,"Akshay ,U have won.Take away your heads!!".I happily tried taking the coin from him ,but he held it firmly in his hands.He once again said,"Akshay ,Take away ur heads".I was like..,"Thats what I m trying to do,bro".He once again said,"I am not stopping you from taking away your heads,but you are trying to take away tails too!!" I said,"How can I take away my heads without taking away the coin and hence tails has to come too".In the meanwhile ,Prasad and Vaibhav ,both were smiling....

     And then I realised what he was trying to say.He wanted to say that happiness and sorrow were two faces of the same coin.You are never subjected to only happiness or only sorrow.They both are interwoven.If you wish for happiness ..you have to be prepared for your bit of grief too.And if you are in grief ..it wont last long ..happiness will surely follow.Vaibhav then concluded that Happiness and sorrows were complementary to each other.

     I and Prasad were smiling....we had been enlightened...:-)

A heart rending scene.....

      Like I mentioned in the post "The Last Fortnight",I got associated with 'Pankhudi' a few months ago.Usually what happens every weekend is we people meet at B.C,then I ,Murthy bhaiya along with Shrikant bhaiya and Krunal bhaiya ,go to the Wakedewadi slum .Then I wait at a place there called 'Patangan' while the other three of us go to the kids' places and get them.We then bring them to the electrical department at our college and then the classes begin.But today was a different experience.

       Krunal bhaiya and Shrikant bhaiya had not come.So today it was me,Murthy bhaiya and two other people.So,Murthy bhaiya asked me to go to the kids' places and gather them at 'Patangan'.I told him that I didnt know where the kids' stayed.So he asked a kid there who knew the houses of others to accompany me.So I set off.

      The scene that I saw next was really disturbing.The kid was holding my hand and taking me from nooks and corners in the slum to the kids' houses.The sight of the their houses stirred my soul.I had never been to such a place before.Though my home has only three rooms,I just could not imagine living my life in such a small place.The people there actually did.They cooked ,ate ,studied ,slept ,they did everything in that single room.Clothes and utensils were being washed just in front of the door.There was hardly one foot space to walk between line of houses.I saw cards being played with money on stake,cigars being puffed by men,old ,middle-aged and as young as me.I heard abuses and obscene words being howled at each other.

        I didnt know what to do,cry or mourn,feel pity.I just didnt know the emotion that I was filled with.My steps came to a halt.I was just continously staring.Sameer(the kid who accompanied me) was pulling my hand and saying,"Akshay bhaiya chalo na....aur bahut saare logo ko lana hai".It took him a sudden jerk to bring me back to senses.

       Inspite of all these surroundings,there was a glint on the people's faces,there was a smile which said that they were contented with what they had.People there belonged to different castes ,different religions,but they all seemed to share a cognate,a bond which helped them dwell together peacefully.But I wasnt convinced.I had already been perturbed.

        While coming back to hostel,I saw a sight that added to the already going turbulence.Just opposite the Sancheti Hospital ,I saw this big hoarding that said,"Rooms for those who like the the real sea side view" and then I looked down at the footpath.I saw small shelters made of sacks,food being cooked by the roadside.I saw kids crying and a man hitting them.What an irony of life!!!!!Ek taraf sea side view ki ad,aur ek taraf wo log jinke pass rahane ke liye ghar hi nahi hai.

       I wanted to talk to someone,so I tried calling up my sister.But the phone was out of coverage area.So I just decided to write it down.My head has started whining now.All I am gonna do now is just try and flush all those thoughts and have a good sleep.But I guess this god damn headache and persistently running nose wont let me do so......

Memories to cherish........

        I didnt attend the lectures today after the morning practical and so I was back to room early.I was just exploring my pc(There is so much unorganised stuff on my pc,I tell you) when I stumbled upon a folder named "mindspark photos".I found that it had photos and videos of Dogfight competition held at Mindspark'07.The very same competiion in which we were runner-ups(2nd position).I just cant get rid of the memory of those days,those fateful days!!

         I was in II year then.I and and my roomies, Anup and Karan along with my best buddy Prasad had decided to team up for robotics competition at Mindspark'07.I vividly remember the days of making of 'TAURUS'(thats what we had named our bot).We had put in our heart and soul into it.For the required stuff,we visited chor Bazaar,explored every nook and corner of Bohori Aali,worked at night and slept during days.After days of effort and loads of frustration,TAURUS was ready just a day prior to the competition.

          After having cleared the eliminations,we decided to modify the bot a bit.It helped.We won rounds after round and were finally into the finals against VIT.Not even in our dreams had we thought that we would be in the finals.The crowd that day was on a roll.It seemed like the whole college had turned up to cheer us up!!There were mexican waves,dance performances and what not.Taking into consideration the crowd's enthu and considering the fact that a COEP team had reached the finals,the prize money had been augmented from 15 to 20 thousand for first position and 10 to 15 for second.Amidst all of these happenings,we four of us were silent and nervous.But we wanted to live the moment.After all its not everyday when the whole college gives you a standing ovation.We were on cloud nine that day.

       Then the countdown began for the final match between COEP and VIT.I lost the cherry(50 points) but fought back hard and collected all other points.There wasnt a single person who wasnt elated and seated.Everyone was standing on their feet.There was so much cheering goin on.All I could here were the shouts of 'Akshay,dump it ...just go and dump it'(We had to dump the max no of cubes into a pit).And when the whistle was blown,everyone actually thought we had won.The crowd had gone ecstatic!!

         But back behind ,in my mind,I had been calculating while collecting the cubes and knew it was a tie!!And then we lost in the the tie breaker round.:-(....I wasnt that upset after losing...(we still had 15000 in our kitty!!)now that people,known and strangers,were congratulating ,shaking hands,giving a pat.It felt like we were the cynosure that night.And my maiden dance peformance the next day at mindspark cultural night was an icing on the cake.This is something I will cherish forever and ever............Here are some of the pics...

Things to keep in mind while confronting(for the first time) a girl you badly have a crush on.....

Hello people,

       After a good ten odd days of sheer enjoyment in Diwali vacation,I am back with some stuff.I wanted to write about how I spent my Diwali vacation,about the Get-Together that we had in our school and what all things I did in holidays.But,I think pending things should go first..I should have written this post precisely 15 days ago,(the day it happened) but it got delayed due to some inevitable reasons.

       Before I begin my sermons,I would like to tell that what I am gonna write is a blend of personal experiences and my friends' experiences.Some of you might connect with it,some might find it absurd.So..here I begin.Following are the things to remember while confronting a girl you have a crush on.....

1.)Initiate the conversation yourself.(She is a girl ..she wont do it...unless you are as good as a heartthrob or a superstar...I'm not :-) ).Before you begin ,you will feel tickles in your stomach and a sudden intense surge of emotion in heart,your heart will pound faster.Dont just panic...be cool.It will only last for a few seconds till you begin the conversation.

2.)Avoid questions that will only fetch Yes/No for an answer.

3.)Try and avoid pauses during the conversation because the silence that falls in between is embarassing one.You will feel that it has been there for eternity.

4.)Try and not blabber( Damn it...I did:-( ).

5.)Many people would advice you to look into her eyes while you are talking to her.I did the same...But believe me friends...its not that easy...coz those eyes were so deep...so unfathomable..I just could not help but fall for them.Then,I had no idea where the conversation was heading..or what she said..I was completely lost for a moment.And so will you be, if you follow suit!!!!

        Last but not the least....do not just scare her from behind.Walk in from the front..Go ahead and break the ice...
              Thanks for stopping by.Hasta la vista....

The Last Fortnight.......

     Hi folks...If you might have noticed the interval between two of my consecutive posts..it must have dawned on you how regularly irregular I am.Its not like I dont have stuff to write....its just that I have to have the right disposition to go and write a post.

         This post is not meant to be a didactic one.This is just meant to review the happenings in the last fortnight and the fortnight previous to it(the real reason being ...its to satiate my today's hunger for writing).

         To start with,we had 3 biggies(read:companies with a big name) lined up for placement one after the another at the start of this month.There was ZS(Zoltners and Sinha),there was NVIDIA and there was JOHN DEERE.I wont go into much of detail illustrating how the test was and all that stuff.I would just say that I flunked at the first two(didnt even clear the apti) and got through the third one(JD).But,eventually,didn't manage to convert it into an offer(after a so-so technical interview and HR round).I was not meant for JD,I think.

          Then...we had mid-sem exam which was a disaster.This time I found it more difficult than the previous ones.But then honestly I hadnt studied as much as I used to study before.(Final year fever,I guess...).Hey,guess what?, I joined gym some days ago(another symptom....guys here usually join gym in the final yr).

         I also watched a few good movies this month.To name a few,A walk to Remember(romance),State of Play(suspense,drama),The Hangover(comedy),Man from Earth(History,Scifi).Out of all these ,Man from earth which is really a thought-provoking one had a long lasting impact on all of us who watched it together.Its a story of a professor who confesses to his colleagues at his farewell party that he is 14000 years old and he does not age(de facto,he had stopped aging a long before).He further goes on to reveal that he has met Buddha,had a chance to travel with Columbus and many more.His most shocking revelation comes when he discloses the fact that he was JESUS CHRIST.Now isnt that an interesting one?? Go get your hands on this movie and watch it people.Its really awesome.

          Finally,the best thing that happened to me last month was that I got associated with an NGO named Pankhudi.At Pankhudi,some children from the nearby slum area are brought at COEP and taught life-skills.My very first day at Pankhudi was a day I will always cherish.I directly went to the wakdewadi slum to get the children.While my colleagues went to get the students ,I was told to look after those already present there.I found an unexpressible happiness and joy in playing with those kids,some were pulling my shirt,some were hitting me with hankerchief,some wanted me to lift them up in the air and when I did so..the innocence and mirth on their faces was so divine,I just cant forget that.It was great.It was really beyond words.

           The next day,we went to an orphanage name MANAVYA near Bhugaon.It was a different experience there.We played with those kids,showing them some tricks which they were puzzled to see at first but then they got us to tell them how to do those tricks.I was pretty amazed when a guy there who is gonna appear for SSC this year took me to their computer lab and told me things about computer which even I didn't know.I was happy,I had finally found solace.

       Thats it guys..this is all that happened last fortnight.Now that midsem is over,the monotonous college routine begins from tomorrow.:-(


           Aaargh...Its been long enough since I wrote last.Being away from a place from where I could blog is what kept me away from writing a post.I was home the last few days courtesy the outbreak of Swine Flu.

           At home when I was having some quality time with my Mom and Dad,I just could not help but tell them about the recent disposition of my mind and about the unfortunate happenings with me.(Believe me,I felt a lot relieved after doing this...Its only mother's lap where you finally find the heavenly solace on...).And then my parents simply laughed and told me about the grim problems they had faced.My mother narrated a story about a boy in our neighbourhood and what he and his brothers had to go through to finally secure their lives.It was then I realised that my shortcomings were so insignificant.My father boosted me up by reminding me of my achievements,about my ambitions and told me that he didnt bring me up to be someone who gave in so easily to debacles but to be a fighter and finally be a winner.I felt so rejuvenated.My morale catapulted after hearing the word 'ambitions'.Man..all this time I had been oblivious to my ambitions.

           While I retrospect the days of my childhood,when I didnt even know what ambitions meant..when someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up..I gave answers..answers that I look upon now as funny or absurd .I am sure everyone of us must have had their own fantasies about becoming a pilot or a doc..or a cop and must have answered the same way like I did,isnt it??Gone are the days when you could just hop from one aim to another and lost are the times of changing aims for the sake of writing an essay on "My ambitions in life" that would fetch u good marks.

           Ambitions,I feel,are things that one lives for,one is obsessed with.Ambitions are not that one dreams of.Ambitions are dreams that render you sleepless.I have had many such sleepless nights dreaming about things that I want to do.I have tossed on bed many a times dreaming with eyes wide open and I loved the feeling.It kinda inundates you with zeal and enthusiasm.

           Many of us have ambitions that require us to break the shackles of peer pressure.But very few lack the courage to take the path less trodden.

           So all you people like me out there who are really obsessed with ambitions and really wanna get what u covet,brace yourself up for the challenges that are gonna come your way and for the hundreds of sleepless nights you gonna spend.

                      Thanks for stopping by..

I am Complaining....:-(

My moment of solitude told me that when you are going low,the whole world wants to hit you below the belt.Thats what exactly has been happening to me or is it just what I think?.I am flummoxed.

           I seem to have lost my bearings.My behaviour has become an aberrant one.There is a kind of feeling of being insecure all the time,of being vulnerable.I dont know whats happening to me.I just dont know.

            I am yelling at people,spitting out all the venom of frustration on friends.I am complaining about everything that comes across.Gradually ,I am becoming cynical.I was not the same before.Though ,there have been times when I was bowled over and distraught over debacles,but I never gave in to them.But this time,I am not able to keep myself unperturbed.I never had to pretend that everything is hunky-dory because things were genuinely fine then.But I am pretending now although I dont want to.

           I dont know what I am transforming into,like some kind of maniac??.I am just sure of one thing ...... this is not the person I used to be.

The Audacity of Hope....

Yes....I am a final year student now.Our result was declared a month ago and I passed with good grades,not only good but in fact the highest that I ever got in all these three years of engineering.But they matter the least to me.Because they weren't there when I really needed them.The whole story goes like this..

           In our final year of engineering ,we are required to do a project that is sponsored by a company i.e they are company projects.The companies held tests to select students for projects.As soon as our end-sem got over,NVIDIA was scheduled to come the following week for selection test.The eligibility criteria was g.p.a 8.0 and above."Damn it!!!What the hell??",I exclaimed.I was just 0.02 short of 8.00.Mine was 7.98 then.Then came DELCAM.Again the criteria was 8.00.!I felt like being one of the most unfortunate ppl on earth.

           And after all these ,the most awaited thing came.Results!!They came but the harm had already been done!!My g.p.a now had augmented to 8.09 but I had missed two important companies."Cool,now I will be allowed to appear for all the companies !!",I mused.But when Binary Mantra came.I fell ill.Then there were rumours that Symantec would be coming the next week.I patiently waited .But when there were no signs of Symantec ,I packed my bags and set off to my home for my cousin sis's wedding.That was inevitable.I could not miss it.

           Then when I had just returned home from the wedding,I learnt that Symantec was going to conduct a test the next day.This gave me a coup de grace,a deathblow.So,in this way, I could not make it for Symantec .

           Now,I completely relied on TCS which was gonna conduct a test on 20th june.I reached Pune on 19th june and started preparing for the test.I thought I better grab this opportunity or I will be in real mess.But even this time ,I didnt succeed.I dont know what went wrong.Now I feel like being "misfortune's chosen one",like "ill-fate's favourite child".And what adds to the lament is watching people around you getting projects and discussing work and you are in total despair. By this time ,lot of people have gotten projects in companies and some have even started their work.

           But I still HOPE that I wont be left empty handed.I still HOPE that even I wud get a company.I still HOPE,that there would be bliss after this period of dismay.I still HOPE that this trauma would be over and I would be on cloud nine one day.Yes, I do HOPE.

           And such is the POWER of HOPE and its audacity that it drives in optimism in your life.It is HOPE and ultimately optimism that makes you believe in your self and hikes you up to face the challenges that are awaiting!!!!!

May HOPE be with you.......

The Bus incident...

     This incident took place when I was travelling back home from Akola to Buldhana(my hometown) after having attended my cousin sister's wedding.There is nothing very special about this incident except for the fact that it narrates how cheap and selfish some people can be.

     So,I was in the bus...When I boarded the bus,there were only a few people in the bus.But as it approached Buldhana,it got packed with people.(I still dont understand,why does the govt. not impose any restriction on the number of people that can be stuffed in a bus.And even if there is any such restriction,why dont the authorities or the bus conductor care to implement this?It gets quite messy and suffocating when buses are stuffed.)Well.....So,I was just one stop short of my destination..plenty of people were standing.

     At this stop ,one very old man boarded the bus.He was so old that the bus conductor had to help him board the bus.He even suggested him that he better take another bus coz this one was too jampacked and crammed.But the old man insisted...I saw him showing his pass to conductor.I was going to disembark at the next stop.I could not see the old man standing.Seeing his condition,I decided to give my place to that old man.So,I vacated my place and called the old man. "Aajoba, basa(old man ,have a seat)" ,I said to him rising from my seat.But before that old man could come and sit there ,a much younger man in his 30's had occupied my seat.That son of a bitch had seen me calling that old man but still he didnt care... That scoundrel gave me a nasty look that made me feel like that I was being mocked by him.Even that old man gave me a very pathetic look .I tried to protest and argue with that bloody S.O.B but I soon realised that the conductor was asking me to get down the bus,the stop I was to get down had come.No one amongst who saw this bothered to ask the man to get up and let the old man have that seat.

      I got down with a heavy heart and a helpless look from that old man that haunted me for quite some time.So,the next time you are in a bus n you wanna help someone by giving him/her your seat,just make sure some S.O.B isnt eyeing that seat...

Ramayan narrated by an NRI

    Yesterday ,as I watched my elder sis narrate the story of Lord Rama to my nephew,I was reminded of an article that I read quite a while ago somewhere.I did a clever thing then... copied it to my desktop and later saved it to my mailbox.The article was about 'Ramayana as narrated by a NRI'.Its hilarious and you will enjoy it....here it goes....


     A young second generation Indian in the US was asked
by his mother to explain the significance of "Diwali" to his younger
brother, this is how he went about it...
          " So, like this dude had, like, a big cool kingdom and people liked him. But, like, his step-mom, or something, was kind of a malevolent woman, and she forced her husband to, like, send this cool-dude,he was Ram, to some national forest or something... Since he was going, for like, something like for14 years or so.. he decided to get his wife and his bro along... you know...so that they could all chill out together.
     But Dude, the forest was reeeeal scary ... really man...they had devils and sht like that. But this dude, Ram, kicked with darts and bows and arrows... so it was fine. But then some bad gangsta boys, some jerk called Raavan, picks up his wife (Sita) and lures her away to his hood by masquerading. And boy, was our man, and also his bro, Laxman, pissed..... all the gods were with him... So anyways,you don't mess with gods. So, Ram, and his bro get an army of monkeygods.. Dude,just go along with me, ok... .. so, Ram, Lax and their army whip this gangsta's in his own hood.
           Anyways, by this time, their time's up in the forest..and anyways...it gets kinda boring,you know... no TV or malls or like that. So,they decided to hitch a ride back home... and when the people realize that our dude, his bro and the wife are back home... they thought, well, you know, at least they deserve something nice...
     And they didn't have any bars or clubs in those days... so they couldn't take them out for a drink, so they, like, decided to celebrate differently...and since they also had some lamps, they lit the lamps also... so it was pretty cooool... you know with all those fireworks... Really, they even had some local band play along with the fireworks... and you know, what, dude, that was the very first, no kidding.., that was the very first music-synchronized fireworks... you know, like , more cooler one, you know. And, so dude, that was how, like, this festival started."

     Now....isnt that worth a laugh??

Easiest proof to the 'Pythagoras Theorem...'.

I would begin this post with an apology...an apology to myself ,for not being regular coz it has been 10 days since my last post.But i will try to be to be regular henceforth.So what the hell kept me so busy that I could not find time to write a post?Actually,I had been to my workplace for some work and just returned yesterday.

Having worked with a genius , I can say that the past few days have been really beneficial for me.De facto,I can say that I got enlightened.And that is to be held responsible for it is the same genius.The genius I am talking about is Patrick(real name-Pratik ,a friend of mine).I regret not being in touch with him earlier...Nways its better late than never.

We discussed a lot of things(physics,theorems,algorithms,mathematics) while working,things which I never knew and would have never known had I not met him.Amongst those things ,I would like to share one.Its about the Pythagoras theorem.When was the last time you wrote a proof for the Pythagoras theorem?It must be a long time,probably u must have done that in 8th or 9th grade.Do you remember the proof?I bet only a few of you can.Here is one proof that you gonna remember for the rest of your life. Here is how it goes...

The Pythagoras theorem is ::
In a right angled triangle
( Hypotenuse)^2=(base)^2 +(height)^2
For any of the triangles shown in fig..

A^2 + B^2 = C^2

Consider two squares as shown in the figure aside

Area of the outer square=(A+B)^2
=A^2 +B^2 + 2AB ------>(1)

Area of the 4 triangles=4*(1/2 )*(A*B)
=2AB ------>(2)

Area of inner square=C^2 --------->(3)

Its a cliche from the figure....
(Area of outer square) -(Area of 4 triangles)=Area of inner square
Replace with (1),(2),(3)
A^2 +B^2 + 2AB - 2AB = C^2

which gives us
A^2 + B^2 = C^2

Now wasnt that as simple as 1,2,3...?I 'm not sure who gave this proof ,Pythagoras himself,Bhaskaracharya or Aryabhatta .It was Patrick who told me about it and I am grateful...
Thanks a lot...Bbye and God bless......

Finally...succumbed to blogging fever

Well, I must say that I should have given up holding myself against the blogging fever a long before.Anyways..no regrets..
...........as I think what I should write in my first post, I feel like being welcomed to the really dignified world of bloggers.I must thank bros--Rohan,Naveen ,Anuprit,Bhushan,Paddy-- coz had it not been for them(their blogs ,to be specific) ,I would not haven taken to blogging.So here I am (courtesy Rohan,Naveen,Anuprit,Bhushan,Paddy) with my blog writing my first post.Pals ,I want you people not to take into account the grammatical mistakes that I may commit and the obscurity.

Well..i think its time for introduction.I am Akshay Deshmukh , 20 yrs old currently pursuing engineering in I.T at COEP , Pune.I am very much ambitious and want to make it big in whatever things i do. I try to give my 100% to work ,to study ,to relationship ,to everything...I think thats enough about me.Well... a confabulation might be necessary if u wish to know more..

good bye for now......God Bless