Happiness and Sorrow:Two faces of the same coin

    Last night ,I and Prasad(Prasad ,a very close friend) were at Vaibhav's place..(Vaibhav..,another very close friend and a fanstastic actor apart from being a COEP heartthrob) having some quality time chatting.We were talking about different things and suddenly the discussion veered to a talk about "Joys and sorrows","Happiness and dismay".

      Thats when Vaibhav cited an example about how joy and sorrow are interwoven.He took a coin and asked Prasad and me to make a call.I chose "heads" and Prasad chose "tails".He tossed the coin in the air.He then caught it in his hand.It was "Heads".So he said,"Akshay ,U have won.Take away your heads!!".I happily tried taking the coin from him ,but he held it firmly in his hands.He once again said,"Akshay ,Take away ur heads".I was like..,"Thats what I m trying to do,bro".He once again said,"I am not stopping you from taking away your heads,but you are trying to take away tails too!!" I said,"How can I take away my heads without taking away the coin and hence tails has to come too".In the meanwhile ,Prasad and Vaibhav ,both were smiling....

     And then I realised what he was trying to say.He wanted to say that happiness and sorrow were two faces of the same coin.You are never subjected to only happiness or only sorrow.They both are interwoven.If you wish for happiness ..you have to be prepared for your bit of grief too.And if you are in grief ..it wont last long ..happiness will surely follow.Vaibhav then concluded that Happiness and sorrows were complementary to each other.

     I and Prasad were smiling....we had been enlightened...:-)


prasad said...

i think i have learned a lot on that day..
u should have mentioned about the stupid smile we given we he told to close our eyes..u know what i am talking about..

Shailesh(Siddhu) said...

heyyy Prasad its nt only yu,even i hv learnt smething dat ppl tk years discovering...thnx to Vaibhav...n of course akki,who hs penned it down so precisely....another one 4rm akki,straight to d heart...!!!!!!

Sneha said...

ohh nice! v hv been enlightened as well :)

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