Aaargh...Its been long enough since I wrote last.Being away from a place from where I could blog is what kept me away from writing a post.I was home the last few days courtesy the outbreak of Swine Flu.

           At home when I was having some quality time with my Mom and Dad,I just could not help but tell them about the recent disposition of my mind and about the unfortunate happenings with me.(Believe me,I felt a lot relieved after doing this...Its only mother's lap where you finally find the heavenly solace on...).And then my parents simply laughed and told me about the grim problems they had faced.My mother narrated a story about a boy in our neighbourhood and what he and his brothers had to go through to finally secure their lives.It was then I realised that my shortcomings were so insignificant.My father boosted me up by reminding me of my achievements,about my ambitions and told me that he didnt bring me up to be someone who gave in so easily to debacles but to be a fighter and finally be a winner.I felt so rejuvenated.My morale catapulted after hearing the word 'ambitions'.Man..all this time I had been oblivious to my ambitions.

           While I retrospect the days of my childhood,when I didnt even know what ambitions meant..when someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up..I gave answers..answers that I look upon now as funny or absurd .I am sure everyone of us must have had their own fantasies about becoming a pilot or a doc..or a cop and must have answered the same way like I did,isnt it??Gone are the days when you could just hop from one aim to another and lost are the times of changing aims for the sake of writing an essay on "My ambitions in life" that would fetch u good marks.

           Ambitions,I feel,are things that one lives for,one is obsessed with.Ambitions are not that one dreams of.Ambitions are dreams that render you sleepless.I have had many such sleepless nights dreaming about things that I want to do.I have tossed on bed many a times dreaming with eyes wide open and I loved the feeling.It kinda inundates you with zeal and enthusiasm.

           Many of us have ambitions that require us to break the shackles of peer pressure.But very few lack the courage to take the path less trodden.

           So all you people like me out there who are really obsessed with ambitions and really wanna get what u covet,brace yourself up for the challenges that are gonna come your way and for the hundreds of sleepless nights you gonna spend.

                      Thanks for stopping by..