God must have spent a lil more time on you...

I keep wondering everytime I think of you,
Celestial or real,what really are you?
Everything about you forces me to question,
Did God spend a little more time on you??

Your eyes twinkle like the early morning dew,
You give the beings around ,a reason to live,
I bet,you gave the color its hue,
coz God really spent a little more time on you!!

With your scowl arrives autumn,your mirth invites blossom
The rainbow reminds me of a smiling you,
You tucking the wisp of hair is a sight to a priviledged few,
Yes,God must have really spent a lil' more time on you.

I lost myself when I mused about you,
Fell for your eyes and the enigma grew.
A mere glimpse of you convinces me that its true,
God certainly has spent a lil' more time on you...!!!

Courtesy:-God must have spent...The song by Nsync