A new boy in the town....

Three years ago there was a new boy in the town,
Far away from home & just 17 down!!

Struggles and Failures ,he had never seen,
Broken and Alone,he had never been!!

Mom's immaculate love & Dad's soothing touch,
Time & again,he missed them so much!!

Acquaintances he gained,new chums he made,
Happiness ushered in and lonliness did fade!!

Conquering new horizons,pinnacles he did reach,
Glad he was,he had finally carved a niche.

So high was his stride,even the heavens would bow,
What lay in the future,he could never now!!

He misbelieved that his fortune was such,
that he was the Man with Midas touch!!

Then there was a fall & down came the castle,
His life took a backseat,he could no more hustle!!

Though he put his heart & soul,he got nothing alas,
It then dawned on him that he wasnt Midas!!

Came to his rescue,a self imposed exile,
He learnt to be modest & fight the vile!!

He still wants to conquer horizons & does not put on airs,
He values relationships & about friends he cares!!

Years have passed,he is no more new in town,
Grown with some experiences,he is now 20 down!!

Pics worth having a look at!!!

    Some days ago ,an IT expo had been set up at our College Playground.Our College Playground is mostly used for such kind of expos.Computer peripharals are available at cheaper rates at such expos. I along with my bunch of friends decided to check it out.

   When we entered the expo ,we also noticed a photo exhibition being set up aside by Sakaal group.After kinda exploring the expo,we reluctantly went to the photo exhibition.But the pics put up there were so astonishing and captivating that I borrowed Karan's phone and snapped some interesting pics there.(Ohh,I just remembered getting a good camera having a good megapixel quality goes on my wish list).

   Here are some of the pics...To view more such interesting ones visit http://picasaweb.google.com/akshay160489/Exhibition#.and click on SLIDESHOW on upper left corner.

This one is my favourite....

VIEW MORE....http://picasaweb.google.com/akshay160489/Exhibition#

My failed maiden attempt at poetry....:-(

      Hurray...!!Done with theory exams....I have been dying to tell you people about my first poem that I had penned down some days ago.

   This poem, being my maiden attempt (though an unsuccessful one..:-( )at poetry,is very special.And so I didnt want to type it.I wanted it to be unfeigned.So I came up with a whim.I decided to write it down ,scan it and provide here the image (below).

      Okay boys...though this image can be copied to your computer ...I would advise you not to do so...because that would tempt you guys to want to use it to woo your girl..and ultimate result would be you getting slapped for boring her by reciting such a stupid poem with a very stupid 'a-a-b-b' rhyme scheme.If you guys want a better poem, its here (www.priti-thoughtsunleashed.blogspot.com/You) on Priti di's blog.
By the way,here is mine....(click on the image to enlarge it its unreadable)


->I would like to thank Moin ...for lending me his very special pen used for calligraphy.
->I am grateful to Priti di.It was her poem 'YOU' that motivated me to try my hand at poetry.
->I must not forget my buddies Ruturaj ,Prasad and Vaibhav and once again Moin who were the very first attenders to this poem.

   Thank you folks for reading..and people... paying comments is free of charge.hehe:-)