Pics worth having a look at!!!

    Some days ago ,an IT expo had been set up at our College Playground.Our College Playground is mostly used for such kind of expos.Computer peripharals are available at cheaper rates at such expos. I along with my bunch of friends decided to check it out.

   When we entered the expo ,we also noticed a photo exhibition being set up aside by Sakaal group.After kinda exploring the expo,we reluctantly went to the photo exhibition.But the pics put up there were so astonishing and captivating that I borrowed Karan's phone and snapped some interesting pics there.(Ohh,I just remembered getting a good camera having a good megapixel quality goes on my wish list).

   Here are some of the pics...To view more such interesting ones visit click on SLIDESHOW on upper left corner.

This one is my favourite....



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