A new boy in the town....

Three years ago there was a new boy in the town,
Far away from home & just 17 down!!

Struggles and Failures ,he had never seen,
Broken and Alone,he had never been!!

Mom's immaculate love & Dad's soothing touch,
Time & again,he missed them so much!!

Acquaintances he gained,new chums he made,
Happiness ushered in and lonliness did fade!!

Conquering new horizons,pinnacles he did reach,
Glad he was,he had finally carved a niche.

So high was his stride,even the heavens would bow,
What lay in the future,he could never now!!

He misbelieved that his fortune was such,
that he was the Man with Midas touch!!

Then there was a fall & down came the castle,
His life took a backseat,he could no more hustle!!

Though he put his heart & soul,he got nothing alas,
It then dawned on him that he wasnt Midas!!

Came to his rescue,a self imposed exile,
He learnt to be modest & fight the vile!!

He still wants to conquer horizons & does not put on airs,
He values relationships & about friends he cares!!

Years have passed,he is no more new in town,
Grown with some experiences,he is now 20 down!!


shailesh said...

relli gud one buddy....covered every single thing with gr8 emphasis..!!! I jz luv dat...!!!!
n yu surely have poetic skills too(may be sort of midas's power)....!!!!! keep it up...!!!!

Vijay said...

nice re..but akshya use some simple words re..ur poetry makes my POD usable..lol..anyways keep it up..!!

niti said...


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