Things I badly missed during the last two months........

    Hello people...I am back with a bang(errrr....sounds quite pretentious Akshay...get back to one has been waiting for u....)

      Well...I believe I have been quite outta circuit for a long long time and really feels great to get back to blogging.Actually I was very much occupied with Firodiya practices.Firodiya is an intercollegiate competition in which we recorded a historic win this year..I ll get back to it in the next post.As of now I m gonna write about things that I badly missed the last two months..

    Hmmm....So during those two fateful months..I badly missed...:-

-->writing a blog...

-->sending mails to people.

-->looking myself into the mirror and grinning..

-->the quality time with my closest friends and the pranks and jokes

-->calling my school friends..

-->I missed my classmates and the lectures.

-->watching a good movie..

-->listening to my favourite songs.

-->reading books..(well not exactly..i did manage to read at least 1 page of a novel a day..)

-->One of the things that I missed the most was the two trips that my classmates had---to Bhimashankar and to Alibagh and I repent failing to attend them..damn me!!

-->Another thing that I missed equally was the weekend Pankhudi class and kids...I am dying to get back with those kids and my friends from Pankhudi.

-->I missed the feeling when I used to just lay down on bed before sleep and just dream with open eyes..... dreams that I know will beat the hell outta me to make them come true..

-->I missed my moments of solitude during which I used to brainstorm to come up with sweetest lines to say.

and last but certainly not the least I honestly missed saying sweetest things that I always do...hehe.

Bubye people and have a blast this holi!!


shailesh thorat said...

great having yu back buddy.....n yupp congrats once again for d win.....

Neha said...

Hey first of all congrats for Firodia...heard that it ws spectacular show...n hope you would not miss anyything any further...;) Welcome back...missed your blogs..:)

Dnyanesh said...

hey buddy but just look what u gained...the firodia show was awesome!!!

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