"3 balls to go,3 runs to win and 2 wickets remaining!!" Does it not seem like the perfect script for a climax of a one-day or a 20-20 match.But the cricketing world witnessed this plot today on the final day of the final test match between W.I and India. The match which at one point seemed to close in India's favour went on to become a thriller of a game finally ending in a draw . Given the comfortable position that India was once at while chasing a total of 242,we must say,the windies snatched a draw from the Indians.

     This match, on the 3rd day was predicted to end in a draw.Darren Bravo even went on to say that if this match has a result he would tattoo Dhoni's face on his back.This has probably been only the second time that a Test has been drawn with scores level.( Bulawayo-test between Zimbabwe and England being the first one).The last 30 minutes of the game were a spectacular display of the batsmen and the bowlers outwitting each other every alternate ball.

  The windies seemed contented having deprived India a whitewash and the Indians had to sing their victory song with a choked voice.Whatever,like Ravi Shastri put it, the final session of the match was a great Advert for the game!!


shailesh thorat said...

Amazing match mate !!!!
gr8 show of perseverence won them ths draw !!!!
R. Ashwin scaring the hell outta them....
Sensational match !!!!

Md Tareque Khan said...

Really, it was a very interesting match !!!!
Such moments can be compared to celestial events :P

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