I wanna be a .....

    I wanted to be an Air force officer.I wanted to fly in the skies,son the pilotwear,put on the aviator,hold the helmet in the cusp of my arm and salute from the cockpit while the jet takes off.I had even started asking people about how to get there.Yeah,but,this was when I was in the fifth grade.

   I also remembered me wanting to be an astronaut(courtesy:Captain Vyom).I thought being an astronaut meant kicking asses of ugly looking ,creepy creatures,getting to drive a spacecraft and use the laser gun.

    Later ,when I grew up a little ,I heard stories about the S.P of my hometown beating the daylights out of criminals,I realized that I wanted to do the same and decided to join the IPS.Yeah , but this was before Hrithik made his debut and Sachin was enthroned the status of God.

   Right from a bus conductor to an actor,a truck driver to a cricketer,as a teen ,I have dreamed of being everything.And now ,when I am 22 with a bachelors in I.T, things havent pretty changed much except that now my "I-wanna-be-a" desires are quite plausible.They say one should do what one likes to do.But what if one is not sure what exactly one likes?what if one likes to do one thing as much as he likes to do another?

   Sometimes,I feel lost amongst a myriad of desires.I wish that when the genuine "what-I-want-to-be" strikes me ,it strikes as a lightning bolt.Because,it has struck me before and then the feeling has faded away.To all those people ,if at all there are any,who haven't yet figured out what are you inclined to do,I just wanna say,you are not alone!!


The Hopeless Guy said...

great blog man......really admire tht unlike most other blogs, your's is not pretentious in nature....and comes straight from the heart.....which someone like me can relate to.....!!
About this blog.....it's not important what you are......what is more important is what you want to be.......so as long as you 'wannna be' something......yes you are living your life....!! :)

akshaydeshmukh said...

hey Piyush,Thanks mate for all the kind words..It really means a lot.

Unknown said...

gr8 one dude..
Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone :)

shailesh thorat said...

heyyy perfect !!!!
yu forgot one thing though,
remember 'JOSH', Karan n Siddhu, back down in 1oth grade we relli wanted to be one !!! ;)

prashant chaudhari said...

Agree with The Hopeless Guy!!
Great blog once again man!

Atharva Deshmukh said...

Seriously, straight from the heart and hence, very appealing and soothing. This one made me feel at ease when i understood: "I aint alone!" Thank you, Akshay!

Anonymous said...

Great job Akky to let people know that they are not alone...!!!
And u had wonderfully related everything which comes across everyone's thought process...!!

Swapnil said...

As if you read my mind and wrote it down so beautifully which I could not have done. But there is one thing extra I wanted to be once- "A Gangster" :)

On a serious note I feel little lighter after reading this blog. And hope we all find THAT thing very soon...
Till then as Steve says, let's not SETTLE.

Pravin K said...

The world has been the same for all but not the eyes !!!
Its always how you look at everything!!
Reading this makes me soothing and perturbed as well on one part :)
I am in accord with, "As long as you 'wanna be' something......yes you are living your life"
and " let's not SETTLE" :)

prashant chaudhari said...

Excellent pravinya!

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