A few lessons from 2011

* Expectations , that you have from people , are like an item girl's clothes , the lesser the better.

* Expectations , that people have from you, are like a company's sales targets ,you achieve one and there is a bigger one lying ahead.

* You feel great as a person when you are pursuing something (except a girl,you actually feel helpless then).

* Solitude is a blessing in disguise.

* At some point of time in life , you have to stop chasing fantasies and start pursuing what is more materialistic.

* There is nothing in life called "selfishness" , its just striving for own good which we all do at one or the other time in life.

* Money can't buy happiness.But it certainly helps you do things that bring in happiness.

* A person's reticence doesn't by any mean always imply dumbness or snobbish behavior.

* There is no greater enigma in the world than a woman.

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Pravin K said...

good read and self-realisation :)

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