10 superficial(yet necessary) things to do before I turn 23..

1.)Learn the multiplication table for 12 (I know them thoroughly only upto 11)

2.)Learn once and for all to correctly spell 'recieve' and 'definate'.Have I spelled them wrong here??

3.)Wash my bike.Has been ages since I last did that.

4.)Try and inculcate the habit of bending down to tie the open shoe laces.There have been times when I have ignored them and tripped.

5.)Try and ignore Mother's cribbing about my hair and grow them long.

6.)Once and for all, know how many days every month has got(30 or 31) so that everytime I dont have to use my knuckles to find that out.

7.)Know exactly where the states of southern and eastern India are located with respect to Maharashtra and w.r.t each other.

8.)Learn to recite at least one English rap song.Any suggestions??

9.)Tweet more often

and lastly
10.)De-activate Facebook account for a while.


Shyama said...

It is a miracle u hv not done sm of the things, e.g. pts. 1,2 ,3, 6, 7, 8,9 and the rest you r not going to complete nyway, e.g.pts. 4, 5 and 10 :P..So just turn 23 in the normal way :D

Akshay said...

Shyama:I am gonna try and do at least one of 4,5 and 10..bagh tu..!! And as far as the remaining ones are concerned,untill now I felt they were trivial and I never bothered myself with the trivia..Lol!

Rishit Desai said...

1) This is bad. Till 12 is a must. Till 20 is recommended.

2) How i remember the spelling of receive: when in doubt, use lexicographic order.
definite. Similar to infinite.

6) No use. You will count on your knuckles to verify anyways.

8) I bet you know Kolaveri :D
For a beginner,i suggest: Fort Minor - Remember The Name

9) Twitter is food for thought. Dont starve.

As i was scrolling for no.10, i guessed it had to do something with relationships (Since it is February). But i was wrong.

Akshay said...

Rishit: I really appreciate that!! Thanks a lot for 2 and 8 .And yes last day on facebook today before I go on an indefinite hiatus.

Md Tareque Khan said...

Point 10 permanently de-activated.

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