Random Post...Cloud No.99!!

 It feels like a decade since I last sat down to write.I guess ,I was too hooked to twitter and SunGard is keeping me pretty busy as well.But blogging will always be my first love(?).

    For all those who visit this page to read something interesting,I would say,it isnt worth it.This is just to satiate my hunger for writing .The past few days have been very fateful and I am so overwhelmed that I need something to channelize this feeling.What better than blogging...

    Well....Yes ,I am on Cloud no 99.Yes..I always knew what fanaticism meant.But the fact that I am fanatic about all the good that has been happening to all the people(TOUCHWOOD..) who matter to me, sets this feeling apart.I wish everyday were the same.Things are happening for the first time and I am glad they are happenning but I am afraid too.Afraid of the time when it would all not be the same.But chuck it,who cares about that for the moment.May be one day everything will make sense.So as of now,I want to enjoy the confusion,I want to believe..everything happens for a reason!!

    Eventually,I would like to thank all who contributed to this feeling..and embellishing this weekend of mine..Thanks for bearing with me...Goodwill ,hugs and wishes!!!!

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shailesh thorat said...

true..!!!!! you knw wat dude,if people around yu r so cheering n encouraging,yu are bound to end up in a beautiful situations cuz' it brings d best out of yu...!!!!!

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