Finally,after a big hiatus...

   Its going to be drudgery if I begin this post by saying that "its been a long time since I wrote my last post ".Thats what i usually do.I agree it has been a long time ,really long ,but I have had reasons.I neither had anything happening to write nor the required motivation.A couple of times I even began writing ,but gave up after a couple of lines.Then why all of a sudden today??Well,no specific reason,just felt a very strong yearning and so here I am .I am not even sure whether this will even be read by a single soul.

   So,what am I gonna write about?Nothing happening in particular.I am just gonna vent out things .Pardon me ,for the post is going to be very unorganised,It might not even make sense at times.So where do I start from?

   To begin with,life @ Sungard is good,I have made a lot of good friends here.One thing I learnt at Sungard which is worth mentioning is playing table tennis.Its fun and it has become an essential part of my day's routine in company.And yes,our team is going to Marriot for team lunch coming friday.

   I have started preparing for GRE and I just hope I dont give it up after a while like I have done before.I learnt to solve the Rubik's cube .It had been eluding me for quite a while before I figured it out 2 weeks ago .Felt good for a couple of days only untill I saw a video of a guy solving it in 9 seconds. a couple of books outta which "The Power of your subconcious mind" is an influential one.People ,a strong recommendation,get your hands on this one and peruse it. The gist of the book says that -Whatever you impress upon your subconcious mind has to happen.It says "Ask whole-heartedly and thou shall be given".

    Money..hmm,yeah when you earn your living ,then do u realise how important money is.You get to do all the things which you refrained yourself from doing earlier just because you had no or less money.It feels better.

   Movies..oh..just saw Narnia -the third part today.Lately ,I have seen just one movie with some substance -Guzaarish.The stars in it exemplified whatever Guzaarish stood for.Its a movie with a message-"Kiss slowly, forgive quickly,love truly..Life is too short."

   Addictions....hehe ..,addicted to facebook and twitter just like everyone else, addicted to work ..yeah i have become a workoholic,addicted to playing table tennis in office hours between 5-6 p.m and finally 'sweetest things ' which is an old addiction and most needed one.

   So people ,we are at the end.Goodwill ,hugs and wishes...Adieu!!


shailesh thorat said...

feels nice ,,reading sense after a long tme..!!!!
carry it on...!!!

Pravin K said...

sahi hai akki :)

Pravin K said...

sahi hai akki
carry onn !

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